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You fakin’ if you say this wasn’t a good time in mainstream music, man. High school was the shit.
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I need a hug or an orgasm.

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A Texas man is under arrest after gunning down a SWAT team member as the officer quietly tried to climb in through the apartment’s window during predawn hours.
Police State USAreports  that a resident fatally shot Detective Charles “Chuck” Dinwiddie as the officer climbed in through a ground level window as part of a “no knock” raid. The officers were there due to suspicion that residents were in possession of controlled substances.
Upon hearing a noise, resident Marvin Louis Guy, 50, opened fire on the unidentified officers, shooting three others as well, although only one fatally.
Guy is currently being held on capital murder charges in connection with Dinwiddie’s death, even though it’s unclear how Guy was supposed to know that the men crawling in through the window were police officers since they hadn’t identified themselves.
The evidence sheet lists a laptop, a safe, a pistol, and a glass pipe, but no drugs were found. Given the evidence, why did police deem it necessary to seek a “no knock” warrant and why did a judge sign off on it?
Very little is known about Mr. Guy, but Dinwiddie left behind two children, all because his SWAT team went creeping into a home where the residents didn’t even have any drugs. Is that the best use of law enforcement tax dollars?
Guy’s bond has been set at $3 million dollars.

Thank you lieutenantnorals!

Where’s stand your ground now?????

Texas people!!
Isn’t there a law where it is legal to shoot to kill on your property if there’s a physical threat? Esp if they broke in your home?

Yes. Yes there is.
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Don’t wish death upon your enemies wish for them to have this for the rest of their life 


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how many fma fanfics do you think begin with this scene
its at least a number

I’m having so many memories fuck
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Miss Black America Pageant 1972. Almost all had Afros. Fabulous!
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